Community engagement

Community consultation and engagement is key to our ongoing operations and social development program.

Regular engagement activities include:

  • Independently-facilitated forums to provide an opportunity for community representatives and village residents to ask questions and raise issues that are important to them;
  • Consultation the Kinsevere's Social Development program;
  • Updates regarding operations at Kinsevere and ongoing exploration activities; and
  • Consultation with individuals or groups regarding specific issues or changes.

Common topics at these sessions include:

  • Employment opportunities and skills development opportunities for existing employees;
  • Environmental management at Kinsevere, such as water monitoring practices;
  • Social development activities, such as Agricultural Assistance Program and support for local educational and water supply facilities; and
  • Safety in relation to the Kinsevere access road.

MMG also has a process in place to ensure that any grievances or concerns are investigated and resolved appropriately. 

Case study: Community consultation in nearby villages

MMG representatives met with more than 120 villages representatives during three days of community consultation sessions in March 2014.

MMG representatives met with more 120 representatives from 26 villages during community consultations sessions in March 2014.

The consultation sessions, which were held over three days, were independently facilitated by the Centre de la Liberation par les Cooperatives pour le Developpement (CL-CPD), a local non-government organisation (NGO).

Topics discussed at these sessions included employment opportunities for village residents, site environmental management and the potential long-term impacts of local deforestation (a consequence of charcoal demand).

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